Against Primordial Asian America

Against Primordial Asian America

I had the chance to give a talk at Princeton last October on my latest book project, a comparative study of Asian American and Zainichi literature, by invitation of the American Studies program and the Department of English. Thanks to the hard work of Anne Cheng and Princeton’s students, they’ve managed to get a certificate program in Asian American studies off the ground, and it was my privilege to take part in their speaker series to kick off its founding. 

Pretty good company, I’d say, based on the line-up:

I hadn’t been back there in nearly two decades, so it was nice to roam around town and enjoy the fall foliage.  I had the chance to guest lecture in Paul Nadal’s seminar–his students impressed me with their thoughtful questions and intellectual curiosity.

That I’m presenting on the entirety of the book project is a sign that I’m getting close to finishing it; the end is in sight.  Another year or so and I should be ready to submit it for review. 

Watch it here: